Advertise on TikTok this Holiday Season

'Tis the season to shop!

This year, TikTok will be the go-to place for holiday inspiration and discovery. We're talking gifts, holiday outfits, decor ideas, you name it! Start your holiday campaigns early, so your business is top-of-mind when TikToker's start shopping this season.

Holiday Season

TikTok drives discovery during Holiday Season

1.6 X
more likely to turn to TikTok for fashion and beauty inspirations
1.3 X
more likely to turn to TikTok for home decor inspiration
1.3 X
more likely to turn to TikTok for travel inspiration

TikToker's are ready and eager to shop


more likely to shop, shop online, in-store, and be more open to direct social shopping


start their shopping at least a few weeks before the holiday


users who post holiday content (1.4x) and watch Live or creator videos (1.3x) are more likely to shop at least one month ahead

US Holiday Purchasing Research, conducted by Material, May 2022

Small Businesses succeeding on TikTok

Omolala Jewellery

Omolola Jewellery is a UK-based boutique with a passion for afro-centric jewellery. Ahead of the white Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2020, they used TikTok for promoting their brand and products to a young UK audience.

17.5K+ clicks

0.95% CTR

1.8M+ Impressions


For the White Friday and Christmas period of 2021, Digital Marketing Agency Ality and client Barry M Cosmetics tested TikTok to promote their festive gifting range of skincare sets.

3.7M+ Impressions

4.38% Conversion Rate

1.39% Engagement Rate

Coconut Lane

Coconut Lane, a UK fashion and lifestyle accessories e-commerce store, wanted to grow their customer base and came to TikTok to run two exciting campaigns through our brand new Shopify integration.

595K+ Impressions

5K+ Clicks

2.2K+ Likes, an online travel retailer, was looking to help beat the January blues with a new range of flight and hotel packages. To help secure engagement with Gen Z and Millennials, they came to TikTok.

10.5M+ Impressions

3.18 sec Avg. watch time

18% CTR

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Worried about holiday creatives? TikTok makes it easy.

Creative Tools For You

Quick Optimisation

Quick Optimisation is a smart tool that lets advertisers quickly generate large batches of TikTok style ad-creative. With just one click, Quick Optimisation will automatically combine visual effects, opening frames, and music to create up to 12 pieces of creative from a single video asset. It can also convert all horizontal footage into vertical video. This is a great tool for advertisers who want to save time and money on developing multiple iterations.

Smart Video

Smart Video helps you make awesome video ads, reduce the cost of your video production and expand your creative library. You can upload one or multiple images and videos; Smart Video will then automatically generate beautifully edited ad creative. Using AI, the tool selects the best clips, weaves them together with transitions, and even edits to sync with the rhythm of the music.

Smart Video Soundtrack

Music plays a vital role in making good video content for TikTok. To make this easier for brands, we introduced the Smart Video Soundtrack tool. Simply upload your video, and the system will automatically match it with the right track from a library of high-quality copyrighted music for free. You can even try out different music options to test their effect on ad performance.

Think of Pixel as your holiday helper

Pixel Use

1. Create & Install Pixel

2. 2. Setup Events

3. 3. Download TT Pixel Helper and verify setup

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Mark your Calendars!

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to start planning for the season now. But don't stress, we're here to help! We've put together a game plan so you can make sure your business finds success from awareness to conversion.
Holiday Calendar

Your Holiday Checklist

Now that it's time to plan your TikTok strategy for this holiday season, we've developed a 12 week plan for your business so that you can shine as bright as the North Star this holiday season.

Holiday Planning