TikTok and Shopify: Getting ahead with eCommerce

Shopify merchants can now run shoppable ads on TikTok without ever leaving the Shopify dashboard! Create your TikTok Ads Manager account and share your products with TikTok users today!


Setting up your TikTok marketing strategy is even more seamless with your Shopify store connected


Create Video Ads Easily

With our Video Generator tool, you can create high quality videos in minutes. No video production expertise is required.

1-Click Pixel Installation

Install the TikTok Pixel with the click of a button. It's so simple, no more manual installation or relying on a developer.

Promote your Shopify store in a few steps

Create a TikTok Ads Manager Account
Add TikTok channel to your Shopify store and install pixel by one-click
Create videos with Video Generator Tool
Launch your ads within Shopify or on TikTok Ads Manager