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Why TikTok Shop Ads: Performance-driven solutions

Log in to TikTok Shop Seller Center via laptop

Discover: Help millions of customers discover your business

Reach millions of potential customers

Engage: Hook your audience with a variety of unique shopping experiences

Convert: Maximize sales with smart campaigns

Shop Ads 101

Introducing TikTok Shop Ads Solutions

Maximize traffic and sales for your TikTok Shop with smart, simple solutions that combine powerful targeting and audience insights to put your ads in front of shoppers more likely to buy.

Video Format: Video Shopping Ads

Video Shopping Ads are shoppable videos that live natively in the For You Feed and drive purchases for your TikTok Shop. Your audience experiences an engaging checkout experience, all within the TikTok platform.

Drive sales and traffic by increasing product discovery, consideration, and conversions.
Easily analyze campaign impact with fully integrated signals, no pixel implementation required.
Leverage customizable features to provide tailored solutions for key marketing needs.

LIVE format: LIVE Shopping Ads

LIVE Shopping Ads drive engagement to LIVE Shopping experiences from the For You Page. Users can enter your LIVE Shopping event to interact, browse products and purchase right from the app.

Maximize LIVE effort and efficiency by amplifying audience reach and visibility.
Capture the TikTok community's eagerness to shop from LIVEs with an IRL shopping experience through seamless checkout.
LIVE creative and video creative formats provide flexibility for LIVE marketing content that best fits your marketing needs.

Product format: Product Shopping Ads

Product Shopping Ads can help you maximize GMV by using your existing Product Listings as ad creatives: *Currently available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Stay tuned for more market launches.

Use existing images from the Product Detailed Page as ad creatives, no additional content creation is needed
Available within Seller Center - Ads tab directly, no need to create or manage ad campaigns in Ads Manager separately
Access to campaign reports within Seller Center - Ads tab, all-in-one place!

Numbers don't lie...

Here's why TikTok Shop Ads just make sense for E-commerce

1.7 x
People on TikTok are 1.7x times more likely to engage in E-commerce behaviors (vs. other social/video platform users that are not on TikTok).

Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Shopping Ad Products Study 2022 (Australia Results) conducted by Material February 2022

78 %
78% of small businesses who have used TikTok say that TikTok's unique community allows them to connect with their customers in an authentic way.

Source: TikTok Marketing Science SMB Advertiser Research (Germany Results) conducted by Advertiser Perceptions 2022

68 %
68% of weekly TikTok users said it seems easy to purchase through TikTok in-feed Shop Ads.

Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Shopping Ad Products Study 2022 (Australia Results) conducted by Material February 2022

Get started on Shop Ads in a few simple steps

Step 1: Don't have a TikTok Shop yet?
Apply for one in TikTok Seller Center. You'll get an email within 2 business days once your application is confirmed.
Step 2: Set up TikTok Shop Ads
Log in onto TikTok Shop Seller Center from your desktop browser and click on the Ads tab to get started. Link your existing or new TikTok account, Ad account, and Business Center.
Step 3: Create your first Shop Ads campaign
Creating your first Shop Ads campaign is easy! Choose from Video Shopping Ads or LIVE Shopping Ads with Product Sales as the campaign objective.
Step 4: Analyze campaign performance
Stay up-to-date on your campaign performance, ad spending, and the status of all your campaigns in your campaign dashboard.
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How businesses like yours win with TikTok Shop Ads

Unicorn Cosmetics

Unicorn Cosmetics

See how Unicorn Cosmetics reduced 17% in cost-per-action (CPA), increased 4% in return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and increased 18% on conversion rate (CVR) by launching Video Shopping Ads.

17% Reduction in CPA

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See how Whitelab gained more than 3.5x on overall ROAS, sold more than 9.4K products and increased their GMV by +58% with Shop Ads within a month of Mega Sales.

>3.5X Overall ROAS

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Love & Pebble

Love & Pebble

See how Love & Pebble gained extraordinary results with a 3.2x ROAS driving over 240 conversions and 250,000 impressions from their Shop Ads.

3.2x ROAS

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